General Information

Thank you for checking us out!  Our goal is to provide opportunities for families to bond and build healthy, happy lives through play and exercise. 


We follow strict Cleaning / Guest Protection Policies to ensure your family is protected during valuable play and fitness time.

Families can feel comfortable knowing they are bringing their children to a clean, safe center to play with parents or while parents are working out. 


Parents must sign a liability release/waiver prior to any activity at the center. Fees must be paid prior to entering the gym or joining a class. Socks are required for children and adults on the turf.


Drop & Shop: Children must be potty trained. Drop Ins can be throughout the day so long as the gym is not being used for a private activity or class. We limit Drop Ins to 3 child per working employee to ensure we are able to provide quality interactions with your child(ren).


Stay & Play: A responsible adult 18 years or older must remain in the center at all times for stay and play. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of Stay & Play (Open Gym)?

-  $10 which includes an hour of play for first child with guardian interaction. (Added siblings are at discounted price per hour.) We also offer a $15 pass where child and guardian can come and go throughout the day.


What is Drop-In?

- Parents can leave their children for up to two hours and go shopping, go to a movie or even go to dinner. Cost is $12 per child, per hour.  Children for drop & shops (Drop-in) must be potty trained.


How do the fitness class packages work? 

- 4 class packages are available. Most packages are $50 and expire in 60 days. Parent plus child classes like Mommy & Me include 1 parent and 1 child with package purchase. Options are available to add additional children at minimal cost (typically just $10 per additional kid) which drives cost per person down to make our packages affordable for multi-kid families.


Can my child(ren) play in the center while I do my Personal Training session? 

- Yes, we know finding time to dedicate to yourself is challenging as a parent. That is why we include Stay & Play for child(ren) of parents while they are training on-site with their Personal Trainer. 


Are the people that work here background checked?

-  Yes. We check everyone's background


How do you check people picking up children?

-  We give every family a card with a number on it. Anyone using us as a  drop-in center will leave this card with us. Children will not be released to  any parties unless card is presented. Parents are called immediately if  anyone attempts to pick-up a child that doesn’t belong to, they will be reported.